One thing I forget about fashion “shoots” is how awkward I feel in front of the camera. Pair that with a Resting Bitch Face™ and you get four useable pictures out of thirty (at which point you had to stop because too many dog walkers are staring at you weird). Anyway, when I first laid eyes on this goldfish print shirt from Zara I just knew it had to be mine. It’s kitsch, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, really bloody versatile.

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For someone who calls themselves “obsessed” with beauty, I am such a cheapskate when it comes to buying make-up brushes. £15 on one lipstick? Totally fine. £110 for 15 brushes (or roughly £7 per brush)? Hell no. I don’t have the money for that! So usually that ends up with me buying brushes for £1 off of AliExpress or eBay that only actually last 6 months before they fall to pieces and need reordered. Now those 6 months have rolled around again and Scrooge McGee here was scrolling through eBay on a hunt for my usual when all of a sudden I see a set of 15 Zoeva brushes for £13.99 – apparently completely genuine and through a seller with great reviews. Surely that can’t be possible? As you can clearly see, I bought them and have since been trialling these babies out to see if this deal is really as good as it looks…

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