Most people you speak to will have their one “signature” fragrance whether it’s the classic Chanel No.5 or maybe some sort of ‘celeb’ perfume, however, I didn’t have one for the longest time. In fact, I didn’t even wear perfume until I got Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club at Christmas; a heady men’s fragrance that harkens back to – you guessed it – jazz clubs in Brooklyn circa 2013.

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I’m a little late on the bandwagon for this one but today I’m doing a review on the L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask. There’s actually three masks in this range with the other two being a detox mask and a purity mask but neither of those appealed to me as much as this one did. The L’Oreal Pure Claw Glow Mask claims to brighten and exfoliate the skin without drying it out. As someone with ridiculously dry and sensitive skin that the last claim piqued my interest as most exfoliating products are too abrasive for me. So, does this one do the trick?

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False eyelashes are something that I wear very rarely and usually only for very special occasions but I like to have a stack on hand for those “just in case” situations where I feel like putting that little bit more effort into my appearance. My go-to brand has alway been The Vintage Cosmetic Company: cute packaging, subtle styles, and reusable. What more could you need!

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I think that most people nowadays suffer from chronic under eye bags. Whether they’re from exhaustion or just poor circulation depends on the person but I know that mine stems from both. I have been eyeing up (see what I did there?) the Secret Key Gold Premium Eye Patches for literally years now and finally decided to buy them now that I’m on a proper skincare kick.  Secret Key claim that these patches do seven(!) different things including help improve dark circles, but do they?

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For someone who calls themselves “obsessed” with beauty, I am such a cheapskate when it comes to buying make-up brushes. £15 on one lipstick? Totally fine. £110 for 15 brushes (or roughly £7 per brush)? Hell no. I don’t have the money for that! So usually that ends up with me buying brushes for £1 off of AliExpress or eBay that only actually last 6 months before they fall to pieces and need reordered. Now those 6 months have rolled around again and Scrooge McGee here was scrolling through eBay on a hunt for my usual when all of a sudden I see a set of 15 Zoeva brushes for £13.99 – apparently completely genuine and through a seller with great reviews. Surely that can’t be possible? As you can clearly see, I bought them and have since been trialling these babies out to see if this deal is really as good as it looks…

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