The Goldfish Print Shirt (Zara, AliExpress, Modalu England)

One thing I forget about fashion “shoots” is how awkward I feel in front of the camera. Pair that with a Resting Bitch Face™ and you get four useable pictures out of thirty (at which point you had to stop because too many dog walkers are staring at you weird). Anyway, when I first laid eyes on this goldfish print shirt from Zara I just knew it had to be mine. It’s kitsch, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, really bloody versatile.

Scottish Blogger Bonnie Blondie

My favourite way to wear it though is with this black skort I got from my absolute favourite website; AliExpress. It’s a clear copy of the American Apparel tennis skirts but it has shorts underneath. Honestly, it was the whole reason of buying it. Shorts, man. I’m so easily pleased but I like knowing that the wind isn’t going to make me flash some poor bugger when I’m walking down the street. I also threw on a choker because I really like chokers? I think it adds a little bit of “edge” to what is otherwise a rather prim and proper look. I think.

Scottish Blogger Bonnie Blondie

My trusty Modalu England bag is obviously with me in these photos as I’m never without it. I like to carry everything with me everywhere as I’m a nervous person and what if someone really needs this calculator while I’m out (really) and this bag will hold it all for me with probably some space to spare. The thing’s huge. I’ve also got on chunky black platform boots because they are what I live in. I decided to go for a shinier PU boot with this outfit since the skort and bag are more matte to break it up a bit and add something a little extra.

Shirt: Zara

Choker: Boohoo

Skort: AliExpress

Bag: Modalu England (similar here)

Shoes: eBay (similar here)

Despite what I said above about feeling awkward, I did enjoy doing a mini photoshoot and pretending to be a model so I hope to get a nice rhythm of outfit posts going for Bonnie Blondie!

Do you own any of the items I’m wearing? Or are you about to now after this post? Also, let me know how you would style this goldfish shirt; I’d love to hear other ways of wearing it!

Until next time,

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