Zoeva Brushes for Less than £15?

For someone who calls themselves “obsessed” with beauty, I am such a cheapskate when it comes to buying make-up brushes. £15 on one lipstick? Totally fine. £110 for 15 brushes (or roughly £7 per brush)? Hell no. I don’t have the money for that! So usually that ends up with me buying brushes for £1 off of AliExpress or eBay that only actually last 6 months before they fall to pieces and need reordered. Now those 6 months have rolled around again and Scrooge McGee here was scrolling through eBay on a hunt for my usual when all of a sudden I see a set of 15 Zoeva brushes for £13.99 – apparently completely genuine and through a seller with great reviews. Surely that can’t be possible? As you can clearly see, I bought them and have since been trialling these babies out to see if this deal is really as good as it looks…

First up, if they aren’t the real thing then these are some damn good fakes. These brushes are so soft that all I could do was run my hands over the massive powder brush cooing over how smooth it felt over the skin. One of my friends has the same set but bought directly from Zoeva and I could tell no discernible difference between the two so I’m pretty certain these are factory rejects.

I have to say that I am so impressed by my Zoeva brushes too! Not only are they super soft, they also apply makeup like a dream. The concealer brush is hands down my favourite as it buffs the product into the skin without making it looked caked on and allows the foundation brush to spread my foundation across smoothly. I’ve also been loving the luxe crease brush as it makes doing a neutral smokey eye an absolute breeze.

Since buying these Zoeva brushes on eBay I’ve washed them twice with daily spot cleans and they’ve held up with no shedding whatsoever. However, upon opening the package they arrived in I discovered why they went from £110 to less than £15. As you can see in the photos below, two of the brushes arrived buckled. The metal bridge that attaches the bristles to the handle is at a jaunty angle. It’s not an issue at all when it comes to application and the bristles themselves are still good to go, but this is why I think they’re factory rejects and, most importantly, why they’re so goddamn cheap.

So is this deal worth it? Of course! Obviously, it’s best to support the supplier directly but not everyone can drop £110 in one go so buying a less than perfect set for just over a tenth of the price for the actual perfect set is pretty great to me. Even if you are willing to spend that amount, it’s good to drop a smaller amount to test them out first before going directly to Zoeva themselves. I know that I’m more likely to buy from them after this!

That’s the end of my review of cheap Zoeva brushes! You can buy the same set I did on eBay for £13.99 or buy the set directly from Zoeva for £110.

What do you think of buying branded products from places like eBay or Amazon? Do you have any brush recommendations to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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