The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review

Everyone gets some spots every once in a while. We all know they’re a major pain in the ass that have a right knack of appearing at the exact moment you could really do without them to be honest. Like when you’ve got a date, or that super important event where everyone’s going to be taking photos, and you can just feel Mount Everest practically pulsating on your face. And then there’s the poor unfortunate sods, like me, that get those monstrosities on their body. In fact, I think my “bacne” (back acne) is worse than my face is. Gross, I know, and I’m sorry, but if you’re like me then you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve found a saviour in The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Body Wash.

Tea Tree Body Shop Review

I think everyone and their dog has tried something from The Body Shop’s tea tree range by now. As far as skin care goes it’s pretty iconic, but they’ve added a fair few new products along the way including this “skin clearing” body wash. Think their face wash but a bit stronger, basically, and you’ve got a pretty accurate vision of this product. The Body Shop’s tea tree body wash comes out exactly like that – a body wash. It’s nothing spectacular, but it does have a strong tea tree scent (no shit, Chantel) that I think smells divine. You don’t need much of this to get a full body lather; I usually use a wee blob about the size of a 10p coin to get the job done, focusing on my upper back and arms for the most part.

I’ve been using this everyday for about three weeks now and I’ve noticed a major difference already. It’s actually pretty amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the odd spot now and again but they’re honestly so small you don’t feel them and after a few days they disappear again. And those super gross ones with the white heads? Banished. The Body Shop tea tree body wash does make your skin a heckie lot drier but I’ve been counteracting that by using my Highland Soap Co. wild nettle and heather body cream more often which is probably better for it anyway, really, and I’d rather have dry skin than spotty skin so I’m not all that bothered by it in all honesty.

Basically, I bloody love The Body Shop’s tea tree body wash and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who suffers with bacne like me. I can actually wear strappy tops without feeling self-conscious now. Incredible.

You can by The Body Shop’s tea tree body wash from The Body Shop here for £6.50.

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Union Square Supper Safari – Las Iguanas, Yo! Sushi, Byron Burgers & Carluccios

Hello lovelies! Long time no speak. Life’s been a tad hectic so I’ve unfortunately had to put Bonnie Blondie on hold for a while. But I’m back now (yay!) and here with a post on the Union Square Supper Safari!


A supper safari (also known as a progressive dinner or “that thing they did in one episode of Desperate Housewives”), is an event where you go to a new restaurant/house for each course of a dinner. Our location was Aberdeen’s Union Square which, if you don’t know Aberdeen, is our biggest shopping centre and pretty much the hub of the city. Now, I’m in Union Square practically every day, but there are still restaurants that I haven’t tried yet, three of which were destinations on our “safari”, so of course I jumped at the chance to finally get a chance to taste test some new places!

Las Iguanas Union Square

We all gathered at Las Iguanas – the first of the three restaurants I was trying for the first night – for our meeting place where we tried some of their cocktails. I got the Cuban Cherry which is a mix of rum, cherry brandy, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, and almond syrup, and tasted oddly like strawberry laces which was fantastic. I’m a massive rum fan and also anything sweet, so the Cuban Cherry pretty much nailed evey thing I love in an alcoholic drink! They had a pretty extensive drinks menu as well so there’s bound to be something you enjoy, especially if you like fruity drinks!

YO! Sushi Aberdeen

For starters we headed across the floor to YO! Sushi where we got a quick rundown of the company’s history and new menu from our server who was super enthusiatic about the food and was more than happy to give us advice on what to pick especially as, you guessed it, YO! Sushi was yet another of the stops that I had never tried before (and he also mentioned BABYMETAL were doing a concert at the flagship London restaurant which got me incredibly excited, I love me some BABYMETAL).

YO! Sushi Aberdeen New Menu

Back to the food, I ordered the hoisin duck rolls and the chicken fried rice which I had split opinions about. The hoisin duck rolls were incredible and I could easily eat nothing but those until a died. Seriously, is there anything better in this world than duck with hoisin sauce?! The chicken fried rice was OK, nowhere near as good as the duck rolls, but I’m not sure if it’s because the rolls were just that good or if I just wasn’t keen on the chicken. Probably a mix of both, to be honest. I also got some green tea which is always a good shout, no matter the cuisine you’re eating!

Byron Burgers Aberdeen

Byron Burgers Abereen

Next we scooted along to Byron Burgers who I’ve written about extensively before. This visit I went for a Monterey Jack cheeseburger along with a dirty Oreo milkshake (i.e. it’s got a shot of rum in it). The rum-infused milkshake was definitely better than the “normal” milkshake (although both are pretty damn fab) however, I do prefer the Byron burger to a “plain” cheeseburger. Still tasted incredible though – as always!

Carluccio's Aberdeen

Finally, we ended up at Carluccio’s which was also the final restaurant I was at for the first time that day. I was suitably stuffed after all that food but I somehow managed to make room for some vanilla gelato. You can never go wrong with some gelato and I honestly think it tastes better than ice-cream. Alas, I didn’t manage all of it but I gave it a good go!

Basically, I ended up rolling home after all this but oh my God was it worth it! I’ve now discovered three new spots to drag my friends to for food and I can’t wait to try out some of the items for the other courses we missed on this wee safari!

Have you ever been to any of the chains we visited on our supper safari? What’s your favourite restaurant to visit? Tell me in the comments below!

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I was invited to try out these restaurants by Frank PR for Union Square.

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